Fort Mill, S.C.


We are working closely with Clear Springs Development to create an engaging
mixed-use legacy project for the Town of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Kingsley pays
homage to the town of Fort Mill's beginnings as a Carolina textile mill town and
home to Springmaid Industries. Industrial and textile references have been carefully
incorporated into the project's wayfinding, identity, interpretive, and decorative
graphics to create a unique identity that seamlessly blends with the overall
architectural character also designed by 505Design.

Environmental Graphics
Project Visioning

2018workbook_kingsley6 stack illumination detail

To create an instant community landmark, we identified, repurposed,
and branded a salvaged smokestack from an Alabama scrap yard.
Centrally located and at one-hundred feet tall, the stack serves as a
beacon anchoring the site, providing a backdrop to the street activity
below, and making for the perfect picture-taking moment.

2018workbook_kingsley16 2018workbook_kingsley10
dsc_0345 directional with stack 2018workbook_kingsley12

Identity and wayfinding elements use textile­ inspired materials
and industrial finishes from stitch patterns to woven mesh
that relate to the architectural character of the buildings.

2018workbook_kingsley5 kingsley large pylon 1
kingsley apartments_1

Kingsley is not only a conversation changer in Fort Mill, but also a
unique mixed-use project to the Charlotte Market. With 1.5 million
square feet of commercial space and 5000+ jobs added at full
build-out, Kingsley will be the premiere location for Fort Mill
and Charlotte to play, shop, and dine with friends and family

cah broadcloth elevation